About Dr. Joan Laura DDS

Talented at balancing her career with her family and a 
number of hobbies, Joan Laura, DDS, spends her time 
outside of her dental office in a variety of ways. A 
versatile force in the kitchen, she enjoys picking herbs 
and berries from the garden her husband maintains in 
their backyard to season their meals and bake pies from 
scratch. Dr. Joan Laura also frequently attends sports 
matches at Syracuse University, a family tradition since 
her parents bought their seats in the 1970s, and she 
spends time with her triplet brothers and their wives 
and children. She also participates in her spiritual 
community, acting as a lay minister at her local Catholic 
church and assisting with Rite of Christian Initiation for 
Adults (RICA) processes there.

In the first leg of her professional route, Joan Laura, DDS, 
acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from 
Parson’s School of Design and pursued a career in the arts 
for nearly a decade. She then endeavored to join the 
business of her father, a dentist for 50 years, and 
graduated within the top 10 percent of her class at the 
University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Joan 
Laura subsequently trained under her father in the eight 
years prior to his retirement from Eastwood Dental Office 
in Syracuse, New York. Today, she is the sole dentist in 
the practice. Dr. Joan Laura provides individuals with a 
number of different services, among them crowns, whitening 
procedures, root canals, dentures, and braces. An active 
member of her field, Joan Laura, DDS, holds membership 
with the American Dental Association, the Fifth District 
Dental Society, the Onondaga County Dental Society, and 
the New York State Dental Association.
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